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The #OromoProtests of 2015-16 constitute a milestone in the recent history of the Oromo nation.  More importantly, they are a continuation of a century of resistance the Oromo have mounted against a succession of ruling elites in Ethiopia who have denied Oromo nationhood, dismissed Oromo nationalism as an elite conspiracy and denigrated the Oromo people’s capacity for self-government. The #OromoProtests have proved that the Oromo are a nation unified in a common national purpose and able to pursue political goals through sophisticated civil action against a heavily armed military.  

   Furthermore, the heroic #OromoProtests have shown that Oromia is the epicenter of the struggle against totalitarian rule in Ethiopia. They have earned respect within and without for the young generation of Oromo and reaffirmed the longstanding observation that Oromo is a great African nation.

What has already been achieved bodes well for the challenges of the future. The Oromo people have embraced their national heritage and championed Oromummaa as a marker of dignity. The foundation of Oromo nationhood has been reestablished and the struggle for national liberation has advanced onto a higher plane.


We are now witnessing epochal events unfolding. The ancient Oromo nation is being reborn in our time in the womb of the historic #OromoProtests. A new generation of Oromo has risen with unprecedented heroism affirming the unity of the nation and in defense of Oromo national pride, heritage and civilization. The Oromo people have clearly expressed their demands for self-determination, popular sovereignty, democratic order, peace and respect for human dignity.

Oromo realize and embrace national unity as a sense of belonging and consciousness about their common values, knowledge, modes of thinking, aspirations, feelings, and behavior that bind people together.  The Oromo people inherited longstanding patterns from the gadaa civilization and are reclaiming them through an inexorable rise of national consciousness. The realization of sacred values has led to contemporary expressions of the Oromo national struggle that have united the Oromo people in Oromia to the stage that they have been able to mount a historic protest movement.

The Oromo nation has rebelled against a century-old experience of political exclusion, economic exploitation and cultural domination carried out by successive regimes. They have risen against the rule of violence with which a cabal springing from a minority group captured state power and suffocated them for many decades.  The unity that was forged at the crucible of the Oromo struggle against tyranny must now be sustained by unity held together through common heritage, common purpose and common destiny. The paradigm of Oromo nationalism is now shifting from articulating grievances to presenting forward-looking principles and demands for forming independent institutions that will become the foundation of a democratic state.


Therefore it has become imperative to call for an Oromo leadership convention. We expect the convention as a single gathering or a series of meetings of Oromos from all walks of life to gather and deliberate and issue foundational documents that will affirm the Oromo nation’s commitment to both Oromo gadaa principles of national unity and to the core precepts of gadaa governance, values and institutions in a free, democratic and self-reliant Oromia.  The following outcomes are expected. 

 1.  Declaration Affirming Principles of Oromo Unity and a National Consensus on Oromo Rights and Interests

This document will articulate the principles that have held the Oromo nation together in the face of colonial tyranny and a century of concerted effort to divide the Oromo along lines of region, religion and lineage. It will affirm the ways that Oromo unity is rooted in the Oromo heritage of gadaa systems-complex. This will ensure that the emergent Oromo nation is reborn of gadaa principles of the rule of law, commitment to equality and right of free expression for all persons, communal solidarity, collective land ownership, peacemaking and respect for human rights.

The document will articulate the Oromo nation’s commitment to the goals of democracy, sustainable and inclusive development, social peace and harmony, and fundamental human rights. Recalling that Ethiopian imperial conquests against the Oromo nation and the subsequent colonial subjugation were facilitated by Western support and technologies of coercion, the document will uphold and proclaim the Oromo nation’s self-sufficiency in terms of ideas and practices of governance and social cohesion. The Oromo national vision will exemplify our national heritage of gadaa principles of democratic governance, human development, peacemaking, and human rights.

 2.The Oromo National Charter of Freedom, Justice and Human Rights

Affirming gadaa values as a guide for a common future, the second document will restate the core demands expressed in the Oromo protest movement. In effect, it will operationalize the consensus of the Declaration in light of the current demands of the #OromoProtests. These demands include restoration of the practice of popular sovereignty, equality of individual and group rights, freedom of participation in work, industry and development, equal and unencumbered access to resources, equality before the law, freedom from oppressive rule by arbitrary decree, entitlement to personal security, protection of cultural rights and symbols, and adequate access to land, housing, education and standard of living.

 3.Grand Strategy for a Coordinated Humanitarian and Diplomatic Effort

The diaspora plays a critical supporting role for the watershed events that have now unfolded in Oromia. The Oromo in the diaspora have stood in solidarity with the Oromo protestors. Members of the diaspora have helped in making the voices of the protestors heard around the globe. The humanitarian support effort and the diplomatic work conducted so far are an encouraging measure of solidarity and shared purpose with the protests themselves. The work on all fronts needs to go forward with equal determination but in a much more coordinated network of groups and efforts. The Convention attendees will deliberate on how to build on best practices to cultivate Oromo national organizational capacity for liberation and democratic state building.


The Convention will be a gathering composed of leaders of Oromo community associations, civic, business and professional organizations, youth and women groups, artists, faith-based groups, liberation fronts and political parties, and notable individuals. The goal is to have as broad a representation as possible. Delegates will receive the documents ahead of the gathering. At the Convention, they will consider the documents, debate, provide recommendations, amend and take decisions. All delegates will have enough time to deliver remarks to contribute to shaping the yaa’ii’s final deliberations and resolutions.


The leadership convention will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, November 11-13, 2016.


Oromo Leadership Convention Organizers




Sochiin mormii uummata Oromoo bara 2015-16 seenaa sabboonumma sabichaa yeroo as dhiyoo keessatti, te’ee ce’umsaa isa guddaadha. Sochiin mormii Oromoo inni wayita kanaa kun waan hunda caalaa itti fufiinsa qabsoo Oromoo jaarraa tokkoof adeemsifamaa tureeti. Gita-bittoonni koloneeffattummaa Itiyoophiyaa walittifufiinsaan jaarraa tokkoof Oromoo akka sabaatti beekamtii dhowwatanii, sabboontummaa Oromoo tuffatanii, dandeettii sabichi ofbulchuuf qabus gad-ilaalaa turani. Sochiin mormii Oromoo kun utuma humni loltuu baayyinaan hidhate isa dura dhaabbatuu, sabni Oromoo dhimma biyyoolessaa waloo irratti akka tokkoomee fi galma siyaasaa karaa tarkaanfiiwwan uummataa dhugooman hordofaa akka jiru mirkaneesse.

Kana malees, gootummaan sochii mormii Oromoo kun, wiirtuun kuufama humna faccisaa sirna bittaa Itiyoophiyaa irratti aggaamee jiru Oromiyaa akka ta’e agarsiise. Sochiin mormii kun biyya keessaa fi alatti dargaggoota Oromootiif ulfina burqisiisuudhaan “sabni Oromoo saba Afriikaa isa guddicha” yaada jedhu irra deebi’ee mirkaneesseera.

Injifannoowwan sochiin kun argamsiisan garuu adeemsa gara duraaf agarsiiftuu abdii guddaati. Sabni Oromoo hambaawwan seena ummata Oromoo maraa ofitti hammachuudhaan Oromummaan mallattoo ulfinasaatii akka ta’e olkaasee agarsiiseera. Bu’uurri sabummaa Oromoo akka haarraatti jabinaan yeroo ijaaramu, qabsoon saba Oromoo immoo sadarkaa daran haarraa ta’etti olba’eera.


Yeroo ammaa ta’eewwan seena qabeesii gurguddoon muldhataa jiru.   Geeddaramaa fi yeroo ce’umsaa amaleessan ilaalaa jirra. Eenyummaan saba Oromoo inni bara durii deebi’ee bifa haarawaadhaan gadameessa sochii mormii Oromoo keessatii dhalataa jira. Dhaloonni haarraan tokkummaa sabichaa mirkaneessu akkasumas ittiin-boona hambaa fi qaroomina uummataa kan ittisu ka’ee jira. Uummanni Oromoo yeroo ammaa kana gaaffii qabu ifatti himateera: isaanis hiree ofii murteeffachuu, sirna dimokraatawaa dhaabbachuu, ofiin ofbulchuu, nagaan jiraachuu fi kabajamuu mirgaa namoomaatti.

Oromoonni dhimma tokkummaa uummata isaanii akkaataa itti ilaalan qabu. Innis miseensaa saba ofii ta’uu hubbaana fi dammaqinaa qabaachuu, akkasumas dudhaa, beekumsa, illalchaa, kayyoo fi fedhii, jiruu jireenya saba ofii baruudha. Uummanni Oromoo dudhaalee jaallatamoo hedduu sirna gadaa irraa dhaaleera, ammas dammaqina Oromummaa tasa addaan cituu hindandeenyeen deebbifachuuf qabsootti jira. Hubannaan dudhaalee qulqullaa’oo Oromummaa kana dhugoomfachuun immoo uummanni Oromoo Oromiyaa keessa jiraatu hamma sadarkaa inni guutuu Oromiyaa keessatti sochii mormii seena-qabeessa kana horatuutti qabsoo biyyoolessaa irratti tokkoomsuu danda’eera.

Uummanni Oromoo yeroo ammaa kana ukkaamsaa siyaasaa, saamicha diinagdee fi hacuuccaa aadaa jaarraa tokkoo oliif mootummoota wal-dhaaltuu sirna-koloneeffataa Itiyoophiyaatiin irratti raawwatamaa ture irratti kutannoodhaan ka'eera. Fincilli saba Oromoo bittaa humnaa irratti hundaa’ee fi aangoo bulchiinsa murna-xiqqoon booji’amee waggoota kurnan hedduuf kan isaan miidhe irratti kan xiyyaafatedha. Tokkummaan qabsoo Oromoo hamma malee ho’aa ta’e kanaan argame immoo tokkummaa hambaa waloo, dhimma waloo fi itti gala waloo irratti hundeeffameen jabeessanii tarkaanfachiisuun barbaachisaadha. Jijjiiramni amma sabboontummaa Oromoo keessatti mul’ataa jiru miidhama himachuu irraa gara seerrataa fi gaaffiiwwan jaarmiyaalee ofdanda’oo mootummaa dimokraatawaa bu’uuressuu danda’aniitti ce’aa jira.


Haaluma kanaan, Yaa’ii hogganaawota Oromoo Diyaasporaa waamuun barbaachisaa ta’eera. Yaa’iin kun yaa’ii Oromoo isa tokkicha ykn walgayiiwwan walittifufiinsa qaban kan of keessaa qabu ta’a jennee yemmuu eegnu, dhimmi isaas dookumantoota bu’uuraa sabni Oromoo ulfinaa fi jala-deemtummaa seerrata sirna gadaaf qabu kan irratti mirkaneessudha. Kunis seerrata mootummaan gadaa, dudhaawwanii fi jaarmiyaaleen walabummaa, akkasumas Oromiyaa ofii ishee irratti hirkattuu fi dimokraatawaa taate dhugoomsuuf tarkaanfii barbaachisaadha. Yaa’ii kana keessaa bu’aawwan armaan gaditti tarreeffamantu argama jennee abdanna:

 1. Labsii Seerrata Tokkummaa Saba Oromoo fi Waliigaltee Biyyoolessaa Mirgoota Oromoo Dookumantiin kun dudhaalee Oromoo, utuma sirni koloneeffataa Itiyoophiyaa, amantii, naannoo fi qomoo irratti hundaa’ee saba Oromoo addaan qooduudhaaf jaarraa tokkoo oliif hojjechaa turee illee, akka itti isaan tokkummaa sabichaa eeganii tursan ibsa. Dookumantichi haalli itti tokkummaan Oromoo sirna gadaa bu’uureffatee ijaarame gadifagaataa ta’uu isaa mirkaneessa. Kun immoo sabni Oromoo seerrata sirna gadaa kan akka walqixxunmmaa fi yaad-ibsannaa namoota hundaa, waltumsa gamtaa, sirna qabiyyee lafaa waloo, nagaa, akkasumas kabaja mirga namoomaa irra deebi’ee akka dhalate mirkaneessa.

            Dookumantiin kun murannoo uummanni Oromoo itti-gala sirna dimokraasii, misooma hunda-hammataa fi itti fufiinsa qabu hariiroo hawaasummaa fimirga namoomaaf qabu baldhinaan ibsa. Weerarri sirna mootii-moototaa Itiyoophiyaa fi koloneffatamuun saba Oromoo isa hordofee dhalate teeknoloojii loltummaa addunyaa gama lixaatiin kan deeggarame akka ta’e yaadachiisuudhaan, gama yaadota mootummaa fi hariiroo hawaasummaatiin sbani Oromoo of-danda’aa akka ta’e labsa. Mul’anni biyyoolessaa saba Oromoo hambaa sirna mootummaa gadaa irratti hundeeffamu, guddina dhala namaa akkasumas nagaa fi mirga namoomaaf murannoo agarsiisuudha.

 2. Chaartara Biyyoolessaa Oromoo Dhimmoota Walabummaa, Haqaa fi Mirga Namoomaa Dookumantiin lammataa kun dudhaalee gadaa akka qajeelfama egeree walootti mirkaneessuudhaan, gaaffilee ijoo sochiin mormii Oromoo dhiyeesse irra deebi’ee dubbata. Dookumantiin kun gaaffilee sochii mormii Oromoo ilaalcha keessa galchuudhaan waliigaltee biyyoolessaa Labsii Seerrata Tokkumaa Saba Oromoo keessatti mul’atan bifa isaan ittiin hojiitti hiikaman agarsiisa. Gaaffileen sochii mormii uummata Oromoo kun deebi’ee dhaabbachuu shaakala ofiin ofbulchuu, walqixxummaa mirgoota waloo fi dhuunfaa, mirga induustrii, hojii fi misooma keessatti hirmaachuu, mirga walqixxummaan laaceelootti fayyadamuu, seera duratti walqixxummaa qabaachuu, labsiiwwan hacuuccaa akka tasaa tumaman irraa bilisoomuu, mirga nageenya dhuunfaa mirkaneeffachuu, akkasumas lafa, mana jireenyaa, barnootaa fi jireenya sadarkaa isaa eeggate irraa qooda ga’aa qabaachuu fa’i.

 3. Tarsiimoo Jaarmayoota gargarsaa fi diplomaasiiCimsu baasuu

Ta’eewwan murteessoo amma Oromiyaa keessatti mul’ataa jiran tumsuu irratti diyaasporaan Oromoo qooda murteessaa akka qabu beekamaadha. Oromoon diyaasporaa hiriirtota sochii mormii Oromiyaa waliin gamtaan dhaabbachuun isaas ifaadha. Miseensonni hawaasa Oromooo diyaasporaa sagalee mormitoota Oromiyaa jiranii guutummaa addunyaa irratti dhageesisuu irratti shoora guddaa taphachuun isaaniis beekamaadha. Tattaaffiin gargaarsa namoomaa fi hojii diplomaasii tarkaanfiiwwan mormitoota Oromiyaa waliin gamtaan dhaabbachuuf fudhataman keessaa isaan baayyee nama jajjabeessanidha. Hojiin gama hundaan jiru jabaatee itti fufuu barbaachisa, garuu qindoomina jabaataa tattaaffii fi saaphana gareewwanii cimaa irratti hundaa’e ta’uutu irraa eegama. Hirmaattonni Yaa’ii kanaas haala ittiin dandeettiin qindoomina biyyoolessaa bilisummaa Oromoo fi ijaarsa mootummaa dimokraatawaa ittiin tarkaanfachuu danda’u irratti hoji qabatamaa hojjechuuf adeemu.


Yaa’iin kun kan ofkeessatti hammatu yaa’ii gurmuuwwan hawaasa Oromoo, dhaabbilee siivikii, kan daldalaa fi ogummaa, gurmuu dargaggootaa fi dubartootaa, aartistoota, gareewwan amantii, paartilee siyaasaa fi addawwan qabsoo bilisummaa, akkasumas namoota bebbeekamoo kan of keessatti hammatu ta’a. Gareewwan kunis Yaa’ii kana irratti bifa dookumantoota armaan olitti eeraman ilaalcha keessa galcheen yaada ni dhiyeessu, walfalmu, yaada raawwii ni dhiyeessu, fooyya’iinsa ni uumu, murtiiwwan garagaraas ni dabarsu. Bakka bu’oonni gareewwan humdumaa yaadota murtii fi raawwatiinsaaf gumaachuufis ta’e fooyya’iinsa uumuuf yeroo ga’aa ni argatu.


Yaa’iin Hogganaawota Oromoo kun Atlaantaa, Jorjiya keessatti Sadaasa 11-13, bara 2016 gaggeeffama.


 Koreee Qindeensituu Yaa'ii Hogganawota Oromo